Spring 2021 Book Haul

Hi friends 👋🏻 We’re now at the end of spring and about to go into summer (pray for me because I hate summer) so I thought that today I would share all of the books that I got in spring with you all! At least I think these are all of the books I bought, there may be more that I forgot about. I’ve been in a huge horror mood since October last year and that definitely shows in this haul. Instead of going to the YA section of the bookshop I’ve been going to the horror section instead 😅… View Post

My Least Favourite Tropes

Hi friends 👋🏻 Tropes aren’t really a hot topic in the book blogosphere anymore, but I do always like to talk about them and see what other people’s favourites and least favourites are. My reasons for not liking a trope can be one of three things: I have very personal reasons as to why I don’t like it, I have yet to see it executed well, or I just simply don’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with not having a reason for disliking something; sometimes you just don’t like it and that’s all there is to it! Remember: tropes are not… View Post

Movies I Enjoyed More than Their Books

Hi friends 👋🏻 I recently saw this as a Top 5 Tuesday prompt and although it is not Tuesday (and I don’t usually participate in that meme), I thought I would make my own list of movies that I enjoyed more than the books they were based on. It’s usually a “rule” in bookish circles that the book is always better than the movie, but I wholeheartedly disagree on that. You will never see me drinking my coffee out of a mug that says “THE BOOK WAS BETTER” or carrying around a tote bag with that on. I have lots… View Post

What I Want to See in Media about Autism

Hi friends 👋🏻 We are getting close to the end of Autism Acceptance Month and it struck me that I hadn’t written a single thing about Autism this month. Of course, we should be accepting of people all the time, but awareness and acceptance months exist to teach people and here I am to teach. What originally made me think about how I want to see Autism-based media to change was actually an episode of American Dad! which features a running joke of Steve possibly being Autistic because he really likes trains, and this was punctuated by him stating a locomotion fact… View Post

10 Books I Would Gladly Throw in the Ocean

Hi friends! 👋🏻 I personally love the prompt for this week because deep down I am a cynical and pessimistic gremlin who really loves to complain. That being said, there are actually not a lot of books that I have rated less than three stars and even fewer books that I don’t have anything nice to say about. That is changing today because I very easily found 10 (but actually 11) books that I can rant about. Prepare yourself for some walls of text because this post is a long one. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by… View Post