Am I Becoming a Mood Reader?

Am I Becoming a Mood Reader?

Hi friends 👋🏻 Recently I’ve been thinking about how much my reading has changed not just in my life but in the past year alone.

I’ve always been a servant of the mighty TBR but thanks to reading slumps and changes in circumstances I’ve been straying away from the TBR and doing more of what I want instead of sticking to a plan.

So the big question for me to answer in my usual rambling way is am I becoming a mood reader?

A GIF of a grey alien saying 'All I know is my gut says maybe.'

I like having a routine.

I have a tradition of setting four TBRs in a year, one for each season. Usually, I do a good job of getting through most of the books that I plan to read, but since I decided to not take part in the Goodreads challenge last year I ended up reading a lot less than I did when I stuck to having those TBRs.

Being an autie means that I need a routine in my life, and that has come to include reading. Before I started blogging I would read two chapters a day before I went to sleep, but once I started blogging I amped that up to reading a quarter of a book a day, and then finishing one book and starting another in the same day. Once I got to university I dialled it back down to reading one book a week but dividing the chapters by 7 and then reading that set amount. It’s methodical as heck but it works for me.

At least it usually does.

Routine? What routine?

I feel like there is not a single person in the world who has a routine anymore, and my reading routine went entirely out the window last year when the world shut down. Even though I did enjoy the books that I was reading, I was just not in the mood for reading or anything. When your favourite things to do becomes the only thing you can do it starts to feel like a chore.

After I got into a huge reading slump, I turned to movies and made a watchlist jar which works the same as a TBR jar (write a bunch of titles on slips of paper so you randomly choose one) and I ended up watching things on total whims with only a few titles being planned here on there.

Where does mood reading come into this?! 

Don’t worry, I’m getting to it! I’ve mentioned a few times before that I participated in 31 Days of Horror during October. If you’re not familiar with it, this is where you watch a horror movie every single day in October so get into the Halloween spirit. I ended up going overboard with this because Netflix and Sky Cinema were late to adding new horror movies, and then on top of that my local cinema was screening old horror movies throughout October, so I ended up watching thirty-six movies in thirty-one days.

Since then I have wanted to watch and read nothing but horror. There was that brief phase in January when I reread Wotakoi but even in November when it was Sci-Fi Month, the movies I was watching had monsters or scary moments in them while I only read two books because all I wanted to read were scary books and I didn’t have any scary sci-fi. Even in December, the only Christmas movie I watched was Gremlins. So far, the only non-horror/dark book I’ve read this year was Concrete Rose which I really enjoyed but when I finished it, my brain went “OK back to blood and guts now”.

I feel like I’m kind of slowly going away from this intense want for horror due to reading and enjoying King of Scars but it’s still there for movies.

There is nothing wrong with being a mood reader!

There really isn’t, but I’ve been such a methodical reader for such a long time that doing things based on my mood is really alien to me. I am pretty much stuck in my ways at this point and I like picking out my TBR for the season, and I like the sense of accomplishment that getting to the bottom of it brings instead of sitting looking at my shelves not knowing what to read next.


talk to me!

Are you a mood reader? Have you always been a mood reader or did you have a method to reading at one time?


  1. March 23, 2021 / 1:38 pm

    Oh I am so a mood reader. I couldn’t do a schedule like you had! The second someone tells me “you have to read X amount of pages by this amount of time” I’m like NOPE Don’t want to lol I do try to read a little every day but I don’t put pressure on myself too because I am like a child and won’t do it >.<

  2. April 2, 2021 / 12:53 pm

    I’m not a mood reader, but I’m going to try it out in April. I read a massive Stephen King book in March that put me into a slump. Then I lost my motivation to read. Yesterday, I grabbed a random book off my shelf that looked interesting, and I ended up reading half of it. The random book is really good!

  3. April 10, 2021 / 12:30 pm

    I do have a guideline for my weekly TBR, but if I know I am not in the mood for a certain kind of book, I bump it. I think it’s the most fair thing for me and the book. Why trudge through something I am not in the mood for? Why read a book I am not going to be receptive to? It would affect my experience and my rating.

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