Am I Becoming a Mood Reader?

Hi friends 👋🏻 Recently I’ve been thinking about how much my reading has changed not just in my life but in the past year alone. I’ve always been a servant of the mighty TBR but thanks to reading slumps and changes in circumstances I’ve been straying away from the TBR and doing more of what I want instead of sticking to a plan. So the big question for me to answer in my usual rambling way is am I becoming a mood reader? I like having a routine. I have a tradition of setting four TBRs in a year, one… View Post

My Spring 2021 TBR

Hi friends 👋🏻 Spring is almost here and we are almost into one of my least favourite times of the year (I am Squidward in the gif below). I don’t try to make it a secret that I don’t enjoy warmer weather because it makes me grumpy and depressed and it makes my eyes sting so the way I can stop myself from feeling too down in the dumps is by reading. Recently I’ve been really into dark things and I’ve been in a total horror mood since October thanks to 31 Days of Horror. I want to pull myself… View Post

The Anti-TBR Tag

Hi friends 👋🏻 I’m easing myself back into blogging by taking part in the Anti-TBR Tag which I first saw from Caro @ The Bookcheshire Cat! I usually try to make this blog as positive as I possibly can, but I am naturally a pessimist so it feels good to sometimes just let it all out and give all of the reasons why I don’t want to read a certain book. Without trashing it, of course, because that’s crossing a line for me. This tag was created by Nicole @ Nicole & Her Books! A popular book everyone loves that you have… View Post

My Favourite Books and Movies of 2020

Hi friends! 👋🏻 2020 was a weird liminal space of a year that can only be split into “pre-lockdown” and “lockdown” so trying to remember what I read and watched has been very difficult, but from what I do remember, I can pick out some favourites that I want to talk about today! I didn’t read as much as I usually would last year and that’s fine because what I did read, I really enjoyed. As for movies, I watched so many movies that picking five favourites was the most difficult thing. I blame 31 Days of Horror for that… View Post

The Winter Wonderland Book Tag

Hi friends! 👋🏻 It is still winter here in the UK, and although we don’t have “typical” winters with regular snow thanks to our strange geographical position in the world, we do get very, very cold, and we get storms. In fact, it is currently raining as I’m writing this post and has been for two days. That being said, winter is actually my favourite season. I don’t enjoy being hot and I hate hot weather so summer is the worst time of year for me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have the opposite of most people who get seasonal… View Post